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Dear Dharma,

I started dating this guy, he was great, did everything right and then I turned into a total bitch and treated him like crap (yeah, I know, I need to look into my issues). When I met him to apologize and to see if I could get a second shot just a few days later, he told me he was already in a new relationship. Huh??? Buddy moves quickly it seems.

Well, let’s say the apology turned into an unforeseen bedroom encounter and even though I am single I feel bad about it because but he has this girlfriend, and she is actually moving provinces to be with him!

I have met the girl and will see her more often as his cheating ass is part of a social group I belong to.

So now I need your advice on how to deal with it when I encounter these new lovebirds. On the one hand I want to warn her about his cheating ways and that he boinked both of us within days (unfortunately I found that out after) and on the other hand she must be a tad nuts because she is moving provinces after only meeting him for a weekend and I’m guessing she won’t take me seriously.

Should I warn her?

Banged Up

Dear Banged,

Wow, that’s messed up.

I’m going to guess the two of you were not in a long term relationship, because if you were, and it played out this way, that would be even weirder.  So going with that theory, I would say no, I wouldn’t engage with her.  You’ll just be adding to the already ridiculously high level of drama already in existence, and you’re right, she may not even believe you.  So not a lot to gain there.  She will either clue into his character or not.

In regards to dealing with them in social situations, I would just play it cool.  Be as civil as you have to be, but keep in mind, there shouldn’t be any animosity towards this strange, strange girl.  She’s moving out of province after just meeting him once?  What could possibly go wrong with that?

And I’m just thinking – you say things were going great and then you suddenly found yourself treating him like crap… I don’t know, kind of sounds like intuition to me…  Any guy who moves on basically over a weekend, and not just moves on, but encourages a stranger to give up her life and move to be with him after one meeting… I’m thinking you may have dodged a bullet, non?  Her, not so much.


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  • Ivana Coke says:

    Wow, in addition to that advice I’d say you should go get yourself checked out! Knowing that he’s slept with you both just days apart? Eewwww! Not to mention if she’s moving provinces for a guy she hardly knows, what else does she do with random strangers??? Better to be safe then end up with crotch rot.

  • bingbangbong says:

    Yikes, dude sounds crazy! Sounds like he found his match – who moves after meeting someone once??? I’d say stay away, faaar awaaay and yes to getting checked!

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