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Dear Dharma,

A few years ago I was promoted from a Sales Rep to an Account Manager. While some of my duties stayed the same, I took on a lot of larger projects and responsibilities and I feel I truly deserved this promotion.

The problem is I have a boss that continues to introduce me as a Sales Rep.  The result is that others start calling me by this title, which is misleading and inaccurate.  The funny thing is that the boss who refuses to acknowledge my new title is the one who gave me the promotion in the first place!

I worked hard to get where I am and it really ticks me off that my boss can’t be bothered to get it right. Should I just turn the other cheek or should I bring it up with the boss that disregards me?

Account Manager

Dear Manager,

Ha, I knew I would use this title again!

You say he/she can’t be bothered to get it right, I say he/she won’t.  Come on, this isn’t a mistake, or a slip of the tongue – this person is the one who changed your title and gave you the push up the ladder!  What, they forgot they did this?

No.  They haven’t. This has been going on for years and I think it’s time you addressed it.

I would rehearse what it is you want to say so you can go into their office calm and fully prepared.  I would say something along the lines of, “I know this probably doesn’t seem like much to you, but I would like to ask that when you introduce me, you use my proper title.”  That’s it, short and simple.  There’s no need to flower up this request, you gave me a title, use it.

And then wait to see what they say.  What could the possible response be?  No?  That would be weird, right?  If they make light of it, which for some reason I suspect they will, I would just stick with the line.  “As I said, I know it’s not important to you, but it is to me, so if you could introduce me accordingly, I would appreciate it.”  Stay calm, look him/her in the eye the entire time.

From there I actually expect they will heed your request, but possibly in a mocking way, so you’ll need to decide what a victory looks like in this case.


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