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Dear Dharma,

I recently started a retail job with the expectation of having full time hours (30-35 hrs/week).  One of the existing employees had taken a leave of absence, which is why they were hiring.  I am only planning to stay at this job for a few months, as I will be returning to my home town before starting college, which I told them when they hired me.

I just found out that the aforementioned employee is returning to work much sooner than expected so my hours are getting cut, almost in half.  I totally understand that the manager has to do what benefits the company, especially since they knew I wasn’t going to be a lifer – but this does leave me in a pickle.

My question is should I ask about more hours, look for a second/new job or just leave it and set my budget for less hours?

Making Ends Meet

Dear Ends,

My crystal ball says there are likely only so many hours to go around, so while it never hurts to ask, my bet, I mean, my crystal ball says that they are probably going to favour the returning employee over someone who plans on staying with them for just a short while.  That’s the life of retail, right?

While not being privy to all the details of your finances, you mention that you are going to college in the near future.  My crystal ball says that you probably need the money, so adjusting your budget for less is the least desirable option, non?

I think it’s really great that you have a budget in place, but for sure it’s going to take a hit when your hours get cut in half.  So in order to meet your goals it sounds like you are going to have to look for something else – either to supplement the hours you are losing, or maybe something altogether new that can give you the hours you need in one place.

I would talk to the manager where you currently work, explain your situation and give them the opportunity to up your hours.  When they tell you it’s unlikely they can accommodate your request, be up front and honest with them.  Tell them that while you understand their position, and you really enjoy working there (whatever!), you will have to look for another part time job to make up the difference.  If you end up finding a full time job instead, give the appropriate amount of notice, and laugh all the way to the bank.


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  • Melanie G says:

    For sure, set your goals and go for it girlfriend!! Don’t let the decisions of others sloooow yoooou dooooown.

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