Meet the Millers


Dear Dharma,

Please help me!  My name is Justine and I am 16 years old.  I have been working at a store for the summer, and there is a girl I like named Lisa.

She is so nice and funny, and she always hangs out with me while I am at work.

How do I know if she likes me? How do I ask her out?


Dear Justine,

At 16 years old, and pretty much every other age under the sun, it can be difficult to separate facts from emotions.  But let’s take a crack at it and see what we have, okay?

If Lisa didn’t like you, she wouldn’t be nice, she wouldn’t be funny and she sure as heck wouldn’t be spending her valuable summertime hours with you, so I think it’s safe to say we can put a nice big check mark next to that question, non?

On to the next… While I may not have a university degree or anything fancy like that, I do expand my worldly database with stuff I learn from the movies.  Have you seen Meet the Millers?  Man, that movie was funny.  I saw it on an airplane and was one of those LOL’ers that other passengers likely found annoying.  Anyway, out of this unexpected delight of a movie came an excellent piece of advice that I would like to share with you.

“Whenever you get scared about anything, you just do this – count to three, and do it!”

I think this is the strategy you need to apply with Lisa.  First decide what your ask is – Lisa, would you like to see a movie with me tonight?  Lisa, I’m going to hit Starbucks after work today, would you like to come with me? – and then one, two, three do it.  Ask her out.

I think she’s going to say yes.  On the off-chance, however, that Dharma is wrong, don’t let the moment get awkward.  Just shake it off and find some safe ground to move the conversation to. “No worries, maybe another time!  Hey – have you heard what’s going on with Nestle and that whole water thing?  Terrible!”

Either way, though, you’ll feel better having asked the question.  There’s nothing worse than a life filled with what if’s and regrets, so get out there and one, two, three!



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