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Dear Dharma,

I read your guest blogger with interest.  It’s always good to know what NOT to say to your stylist, but I have a bit different of a problem.  My hairdresser is fabulous, and I have almost never had anything I wasn’t happy with (we don’t talk about the Farrah revival incident of 2007, that never happened).

It isn’t her skill that is at issue, it is what she says!  If it isn’t the Khardashians, it’s the Royals, or Brangelina, or whoever happens to be making the so called news that day.

To be fair, I don’t think it is strictly the topics I find tiring, it is the non-stop, rapid-fire delivery.  I find it so draining to try to pretend interest, but I really don’t want to have to try to find another stylist.

How can I tactfully suggest she leave the News of the World on the table in the waiting area and not spout it all at me in a constant stream?

Just Cut My Hair!

Dear Cut My Hair,

Yes, for sure it’s good to learn the things that will piss off your hairdresser, right?  If anyone missed this critical lesson, you must check out Who Does Your Hair at your earliest convenience.

And here’s the other side of the chair, so to speak.

I’m not sure how it is you respond to the situation currently – do you go along with her and chat about how insanely young Brad Pitt looked at the Golden Globes (seriously, what’s with that?) and what the heck is with Gwen’s grey turtle neck?  Because if you do, then she has no way of knowing that in reality you would rather have some Zen time.

Make sure you are giving off the right vibes at your next appointment – upon arrival, what if you said something like, “I’m so happy to be here!  My day has been crazy and I’ve been looking forward to some peace and quiet like you wouldn’t believe.”  And then try to look sleepy, maybe.

If she starts up with the regular chatter, don’t engage.  I’m not saying be unfriendly, but be non-committal, quiet, maybe drift off.

A good hairdresser should pick up on the signals without taking offense, non?  Most stylists are “people” people, so they should be able to read the situation.

If not, there’s a decision to be made.  Do you think you could straight up level with her and let her know you are really just looking for some quiet time after a hard day, or are your great haircuts worth enduring the gossip sessions?  Are you really willing to entertain looking elsewhere?

I don’t know… but a good haircut… that’s gotta be worth something in today’s world… right?



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  • anon1 says:

    I don’t thik you need to play it that way – I think if you just said would you be ok if I just used this as quiet time today? the hairdresser is an adult, and hopefully a professional, and should be able to respect your request.

    • Dharma says:

      I’d like to think you are right, but I think the LW is concerned her stylist might take it personally and that their relationship would be compromised…

  • Anonymous says:

    Or how about, ” just had one of those days so, I can’t really handle any news about the “rich and famous” today OR counter with any news item outside of celebrityhood, ie Syria, the GOP, global warming…….get it?

  • shaggy says:

    as a man, I can not relate at all to this, if it pisses you off, go somewhere else! some places you can’t fling a cat without smacking into another hair place!

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