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Dear Dharma,

I love your site, and read it all the time!  I like that you adjust your content to match the seasons, and in that mode, here is a question I have.

Valentine’s is coming up and all of my friends are coupled up, either dating or married so I feel like the odd man out.  Don’t take this wrong, I am happily single by choice, and am not moping along after a failed attempt.  My last full-time relationship was over a year ago, and had been ongoing for almost 2 years.  We mutually decided that it wasn’t what either of us wanted at the time and split very amicably.

Most of the time, my singleness is not an issue, and I have great times with my friends, but somehow at this time of year, it seems like the rest of the year doesn’t matter, and I am some kind of sad sack loser!

I definitely don’t want to be a drag on any of my friends but also don’t want to feel bad on Valentine’s Day. What can I do to celebrate me on the day made for couples?

Have you Heard about the Lonesome Loser?

Dear Lonesome Loser,

I’m wondering if you’ve built the whole Valentine’s expectation into more than necessary, because I’m betting at least one of your coupled friends could give a rat’s butt about the occasion and would be more than happy to spend the day or evening with you.

That being said, if it’s important for you to mark the day in some way, let’s look at some options!

You say you want to find a way to celebrate you, but what about celebrating love in general by throwing a party!  It would guarantee you something to do, that’s for sure, and it’s not like being single on New Year’s Eve when everybody kisses at midnight.  You could partake in all the fun, complete with chocolate fondue, right along with everybody else and not feel left out.

If that seems too weird, how about spending the day pampering yourself.  Nails, facial, massage… then come home and order out from your favourite place!  And, seriously, you can order whatever you want and you don’t even have to share!

I just realized I’m answering this with the assumption you’re of the female persuasion, and for that I apologize!

How about spending the afternoon at Home Depot wandering about with no one telling you to hurry up!  Nails, faceguards, reciprocating drills… pick out something you’ve been wanting for a while and treat yourself.  Then come home and order out from your favourite place!  And, seriously, you can order whatever you want and you don’t even have to share!

Hope some of these suggestions help, and if any of Dharma’s readers have any suggestions, please feel free to offer them in the comments section below!


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