Easy Solutions for a Terrible Haircut!


Dharma is happy to have Victoria back as a guest blogger with some words of wisdom on bad haircuts!

Were you unlucky and got the worst haircut of all times? Keep calm and learn some easy solutions for your terrible problem.

  1. Just calm down

You have to put emotions aside in order to address this problem properly. There are many easy solutions for this unpleasant problem so calm down.

keep calm


  1. Demand a fix

If you are still at the salon, you can ask for an immediate fix. This is quite risky because the next try can also bring disappointment.

Demand Fix


  1. Style differently

You can make your new haircut look better by styling it in different ways than you normally would. Don’t be afraid to experiment – the worst is over.

Style Differently


  1. Wear a cute hat

A terrible haircut can be turned into something good-looking with the help of different accessories. A cute hat might be radical but could also be a  good decision at the same time.



  1. Give it a chance

Wait for a couple of days and look in the mirror again – does it still look horrible? Sometimes it just takes a few days to adjust…



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