Fast Times at Ridgemont High


Dear Dharma,

I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I really like the feedback you give. That’s  why I am writing to you now…

I’m just finishing up my last year of high school and thank freakin’ goodness that will be done with soon. I am not big drinker, I have never smoked or done drugs… ever. I will have the occasional or glass of wine but nothing more than that. My friends seem to think I am nuts and a prude because I have never even had a drag of any sort of substance or anything.

I don’t want to be around them when they are doing that stuff, and I think it’s absolutely ridiculous…  I have better things to spend my time and money on. I like to have control of myself and seeing drunk/stoned people just make me face palm at their stupidity.

I’ve gone this long without doing that kind of stuff and would like to continue to do so. Rumor has it my friends are “going to try and get me to do it with them this weekend”… They think it’s something I HAVE to experience and I “can’t knock it until I try it”.

Should I just bloody well smoke with them to get them off my back? Are they right?

Thanks for your help,

Peer Pressured Prude

Dear Peer,

You know, if you sounded at all interested, at all curious… then I might say it’s probably not the end of the world to smoke the occasional joint.  Whoa!  I said that, and I didn’t get struck by lightning?  That’s awesome!

You’ve made it all the way through your high school years without dabbling in drugs and I honestly think if you give in now, especially when it’s obviously against your will, you are going to be sooo disappointed in yourself. And for what?  To make your pushy “friends” happy?

“Friends” don’t continuously put you in situations like this, and they certainly don’t concoct plans to make you do something you have repeatedly declined.

You’ve stayed friends with them even though they have some behaviours you don’t like, and it would be nice if they offered you the same judgment free environment.

The one great thing about moving away from the high school scene and entering the “adult” world is that your vision starts to clear up a bit and you see people for who they are.  You start to pick your friends because of the things you have in common, and not just because they are in the same class as you. 

My guess is that 6 months from now, none of this will even be an issue for you.

Stick to your guns, stay smoke free, and end your school year on a different kind of high.


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