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Hello everyone!

Dharma is happy to have Victoria back as a guest blogger with some words of wisdom on how to become your hair dressers favorite client!


Appointments for clients exist for a reason so stick to them. Clients that constantly come late are like a nightmare of each hairstylist.

2. Know what you want


You should never come to a hair salon without having a specific idea of what you want. Your hairstylist doesn’t have time to guess.

3. Find a balance


Extremely talkative clients are as annoying as those who always keep silent. Learn how to keep up easy conversation and never feel awkward again.

4. Leave feedback


You should always leave feedback – positive as well as negative. This gives your hairstylist a possibility to assess their service and constantly grow as a professional.

5. Leave good tips


You will definitely become a favorite client at the hair salon if you leave nice tips. Tips are like a compliment for a good job so be generous!


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