Don’t Be a Monster!


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Dharma is happy to have Victoria back as a guest blogger with some words of wisdom on how to treat your hair better and not be such a monster to your lovely locks!


Want to provide your hair with the best maintenance? Learn simple things that can damage your hair and avoid them at all costs.


  1. Shampoo less frequently

Any hairdresser at  Hair Salon in NYC will tell you excessive washing is bad. Limit your shampooing frequency to every other day or more rarely.

less shampoo


  1. Don’t ditch conditioner

Experts at Hair Salon in NYC underline the importance of conditioning in hair care. Don’t deprive your locks of precious moisture and nourishment.



  1. Avoid harmful chemicals

If you want to stop being a monster to your hair, you should stop exposing it to chemicals. Chemical treatments cause irreparable harm to your locks.



  1. Keep it cool in the shower

Excessively hot water can deprive your hair of essential oils making it look dull and dry. Keep things cool in the shower to preserve your hair’s moisture.

not hot


  1. Take a break with heat

Obsession with heat styling is like a straight road to thermal damage. Put your relations with hot tools on pause, and your hair will appreciate it.


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