Hungry Like the Wolf


Dear Dharma,

My husband and I are foodies. That is, most of our entertaining revolves around food, trying new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen.  Our friends, however, are cooking challenged; when they invite us over for dinner it is all we can do to choke it down without doing the eye roll. Food not properly cooked, flavourless with zero presentation… and sometimes unrecognizable.

Before you suggest a potluck or contributing a main dish to their dinners…we have tried…they always refuse saying it has all been planned and it’s under control. Oh! The couple of times we did bring a dish along it was put aside and “forgotten”.

When they visit our place for dinner they always lavish us with compliments, saying we should write a cookbook.

Anyway, they are great people and we really enjoy their company but how can we gently tell them to order in a pizza?

Hungry for Advice

Dear Hungry,

Well, you beat me to the punch by already suggesting a potluck and by going as far to bring a dish (that never got eaten!) so the only other thing I can think of is trying to shift this into an “out for dinner” tradition instead of going to each other’s houses.

Suggest something like a “dinner club” where you all take turns recommending a new restaurant to try.  It could be brunch as well as dinner, and it doesn’t have to be pricey… It could be a whole new adventure for all of you!

If that doesn’t fly, you may just have to adjust your perspective on the whole thing.  Are you going to their house strictly for the food, or can you make their company the main event?

How about eating a small meal before you head over, and maybe preparing a little snack in advance for when you get home?  And a glass of wine or 3 can definitely go a long way in blurring your taste buds.  I’m just saying…

Oooh, I know!  Tell them in advance that you are dieting and really working on your portion sizes.  At least then you have something to fall back on when you only take a very tiny bit.

Also, try focussing on the positive – be happy you have friends that reciprocate dinner invitations on a regular basis and that are willing to put in the effort, no matter how unsatisfactory the end result is.  It’s nice that they continue to try, non?

(haha I can almost hear you screaming NO! No it’s not!!)


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