She Likes Me, She Likes Me Not


Dear Dharma,

My best friend and I love posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram, but she never “Likes” any of my photos unless she’s in them.

This ticks me off since I know she sees them and seems to “like” everyone’s but mine.

What’s up with that? Should I be offended?

Ticked Off

Dear Ticked,

Hmmm, how can I put this…

It seems to me like maybe you are looking for a reason to be ticked off…  I’m wondering if there something else going on in your friendship that could be the cause of that?

If everything was great, I honestly don’t think you would even notice this “slight”, but if there are other ways your friend makes you feel dismissed and looked over, this is where it’s spilling over.

If you say everything is A-OK between the two of you, then this is you overreacting, plain and simple.  Who and what she chooses to “Like” on Facebook is her prerogative, and you may just need to stop zeroing in on it.  Tell yourself it’s a non-issue and it should quickly become just that.

However, if thinking about this from another point of view makes you realize that yeah, there are other areas of the friendship that are triggering this response, I would recommend making those things the focus, not the fact that she doesn’t “Like” you.



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