Mum’s the Word


Dear Dharma,

I started a new job about 18 months ago and work in a VERY small office – there are only three of us and we rely heavily on each other. My coworkers are both women and neither have children, so it’s not a topic of conversation that is ever really brought up.

That said, my partner and I are ready to start trying to have a baby. I don’t think this will be considered a positive thing by the team, but it is what it is. My plan was to hold off discussing it until it actually happened (IF it happens), but my boss recently told me she would like to sit down and discuss my future with the company.

Do you think I should tell her about my plans, or could I be hurting my chances for raises/promotions in the meantime?

Mum’s the Word

Dear Mum,

Congratulations on your decision to start down the path of parenthood!  Hopefully everything will go smoothly and you’ll be sporting a bump in no time.

However, knowing that your colleagues wouldn’t consider this a positive thing, and not knowing how long it will be until there is something to actually say, I would hold my tongue.  And yes, I do think you could hurt your chances for growth in the meantime.  In most cases, that’s just an unfortunate fact of the work world.

Life happens.  Companies know this and they will roll with whatever comes their way. You’ve been there for a year and a half and they are obviously happy with you if they want have “the conversation” about your future with them.  Continue to do your job and take whatever opportunities come your way.

A former boss of mine was fond of saying that the graveyards are full of irreplaceable people.  Meaning that when the time comes for you to go on maternity, they will have found someone else to rely heavily upon and everything will work out just fine.


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