Say No to Mullets


Dear Dharma,

My best friend from high school recently moved to the city and got back in touch with me after 20 years. A lot has happened since, including kids (me) and a divorce (her).

She is looking to get her groove back and jokes about me being her wing woman like back in the day. I think it will be a blast, but in the two decades she spent living up north, any sense of fashion she had has long since gone south. She is still rocking a feathered mullet and the fabric scrunchies we painfully stitched together in 8th grade sewing class.

It’s not like I’m J-Lo or anything, but I know that she’s going to have to step her game up to get back into the dating scene – especially in this city. Is there a delicate way to bring this to her attention? The last thing I want to do is hurt her feelings.

Good Friends Don’t Let Good Friends have Mullets

Dear Good Friend,

Hey!  What’s wrong with scrunchies??


How about this – why don’t you suggest a makeover?  And don’t make it about her look, make it about yours.  “I’m so excited for us to hit the town, and I’m thinking I want a new look!”

From there, suggest whatever your budget (and hers) can handle – but I’m guessing you’re going to want to start with the hair.  I’m sorry, she can’t… she can’t go on with a feathered mullet.

If she’s game, then grab control like a crazed lunatic and start making appointments.  Let the salon in on the intervention plan as well, so that it’s the hairdresser making the suggestion, not you.

The other areas you can get into are make-up (please, tell me, blue eye shadow?) and maybe a new outfit or two?  It’s definitely going to be a day trip, so budget your time accordingly.

Now, if she’s not into it, then you have a couple of choices of how to proceed, the first being tough love. If you’re comfortable, tell her straight up that she’s going to need to reconsider the do if she is looking to get back into the dating scene.  Deliver the information kindly, but without apology.  That way it sounds more like a fact rather than your opinion.  Facts are easier to take in than criticism.

However, if this is information you just can’t bear to deliver, then you might just have to let the chips fall where they may.  And hey, we don’t know…  There might just be some mullet loving guy out there just waiting for her to rock his world.  Right?



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  • garth says:

    Party on Mullet girl! don’t let the haters wreck your day, you rock that look until YOU want to change!
    And with the re-emergence of old bands from back in the day, who knows how long until you are leading the fashion rush right? maybe you are just so far ahead of the curve the rest of us need to catch up!

    “don’t stop believin’
    hold on to that feeling”

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