10 Easy Weight Loss Tips – from Candy Crawford


Dharma is thrilled to have Candy Crawford join the crew as a guest blogger this week.  With summer fast approaching (heck, summer is here!!) these are some get tips to shed those winter pounds in a hurry!

Per below, Candy is not a doctor or a health expert, she’s just a regular girl with a complicated relationship with food and beaches…


If you’re anything like me, this is the time of year I have a come-to-Jesus moment in the change room of a department store, cursing a multitude of sins, including but not limited to 1. My laziness; 2. Whoever decided bathing suits were rational attire; 3. Inhuman Victoria Secret superhero models; 4. And bad store lighting.

Thankfully, after reading every healthy living self-help book known to man (or woman),* I’ve collected a few tips among the way for a quick fix in time for Canada’s short and sweet pool season.

Disclaimer: As you may have gathered, I am not a doctor, health expert, or supermodel – just a regular, nearing middle-age woman with a love affair for food and beaches. What can I say? It’s a complicated relationship. 

Just say no to deep-fried. Give yourself one cheat day a week for fries or that McChicken you’ve been craving, but for the rest of the time, swap the fries for the salad and the crispy for grilled. This is the easiest change you’ll make, and I promise you won’t even WANT deep-fried food soon. It will physically hurt your stomach to eat it, which says a lot in the first place.

Breakfast – Eat It! Good options: Oatmeal (instant is a-ok), yogurt with fruit and granola, or cereal (it must have 5 grams of fibre or it ain’t worth it) are all good options. Slip a spoonful of chia seeds in there for extra Omega 3 and antioxidant goodness. Eggs with a piece of toast are even better, but that’s a lot of work or a good weekend option. Avoid the following evil offenders to your get-fit plan at all costs: bagels, muffins, and pancakes. Did you know that one muffin is the equivalent of four pieces of bread? Seriously. Muffins are the devil. For reals.

Cut the crap. Eat as clean as you can – this means eliminating most of the food you will find in the middle aisles of your grocery store. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients (or have no idea what they are), they aren’t good for you.

Up your game with fruits and veggies. Don’t be daunted by Canada’s Food Guide – whoever said eating 7-8 servings of fruits and veggies is easy is lying. Try – for one day. I dare you. Unless you’re blending that shit up it’s damn near impossible. Shoot for four or five and it’s much more manageable. 

Don’t let your thirst throw your game. Most drinks are empty calories – including that vibrant healthy-looking orange juice that practically gleams in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. Truth: most juices are filled with sugar – the end. If you want to taste fruit, eat some. That way you’re getting all of the beneficial fibre and vitamins, not just the sugary insides. There are wayyyyyy better ways to spend your calorie allowance.

Clean out those cupboards! Binging after work in front of the TV is one of my biggest weaknesses. Get rid of anything that doesn’t abide by the rules above, and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour. If it’s not there, you can’t eat it. My sister always teases me about how all the food in my house makes you poop, but pooping is good, my friends! Food in, food out. Adios poundage.

Tea up. Invest in a good detox tea from David’s Teas. Antioxidants, hydration, and hunger-quenchers, what’s not to love? Believe it or not, there are many options that will help the pounds fall off, and they all come in a super cute tin.

Treat yourself. Invest in your workout wardrobe. It’s amazing what a difference a new pair of sneakers or a fun shirt will make in your routine. You’ll be motivated to put on the new duds and get moving.

Lemon water. This shit is what miracles are made of, my friend. Before you go to bed, squeeze or throw half a lemon into a bottle of water, and drink it in the am before you do ANYTHING. It’s ideal if the water is room temperature, but whatever. Do what you gotta do. Feeding your system this recipe first thing in the morning will kick start it for all kinds of success. Don’t believe me? Click here.

Sweat. Sweating gets rid of toxins and extra fat the fastest way your body knows how. So get your dance on, go for a walk, try a new yoga class – whatever floats your boat. The most important thing is you just keep moving. Endorphins are the best and easiest drug around, so get hooked on being the change in your own life. The only person who can change you is YOU, and if you’re reading this, you’re ready. Rock it and have fun.

Bonus tip: Need an extra push? Technology has your back. Invest in a Fitbit or watch your calories and activity on an app like MyFitnessApp. It’s been proven that you’re more likely to adhere to healthier habits if you’re monitoring your efforts.


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