5 Signs You’re on the Right Track!


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We’ve all been there – you’ve recently started dating someone and you’re wondering – is this the one? How do I know?

Often times, you do, you just know.  There’s no need to question it, everything just works.  But other times it would be nice to have some tips of things to look for and how to weed out your true feelings.  So here you, here’s 5 of them for you to ponder!

  1. You Actually Feel Comfortable

You wear what you like, you eat what you like, you basically just act like you.  You’re not worried about being judged, you don’t measure every word for fear of saying the wrong thing.  You feel at ease sharing your stories with little concern of being rejected or criticized.  You’ve started off this relationship being honest and truthful and are comfortable in your own skin – and the best part?  They feel the same way. Off to a good start.

  1. No More Game Playing

It doesn’t matter who calls who or who calls first.  You don’t nervously try to dodge, well, anything.  Basically, the smoke and mirrors stop, and honest communication kicks in.  The need to be right, the need to be better, all of that just kind of fades away.  It’s a great feeling when you get there, and for sure a sign that things are moving in the right direction.

  1. You Admit to Being in a Relationship

You know sometimes, you’re out with your friends, having a few drinks.  Suddenly some (hot) random strikes up conversation … you’re chatting, having a good time, then bam – the question…  “Are you seeing anyone?”

Ever find yourself hesitating, knowing that as soon as you say yes they’re going to hit the bricks?  Ha, worse yet, ever lied and said no??

When you are in the “right” relationship, you won’t have any trouble owning that, and better yet, you won’t feel disappointed when the random walks.

  1. The Little Things Matter

I’ve taken a lot of life lessons from the Wedding Singer, which IMHO is Adam Sandler’s only movie worth watching.  As it turns out, the little things matter a lot.  Especially on a flight to Las Vegas.

It’s rooted in being caring and considerate, it grows from paying attention to the little things.

It’s the flower made out of peaches in your oatmeal, the note in your lunch bag you find when you get to work.  It’s letting someone have the window seat so they can see the lights of Vegas for the first time or letting them have the last gingersnap cookie.

If your relationship is peppered with whatever little things work for you, you’re on the right track!

  1. There’s Nothing You Want to Change

I’ve said it before – one of the best conversations I’ve ever eavesdropped on…  a recently engaged woman talking with a colleague says, “I knew he was the one because there was nothing about him I wanted to change.”  …  … Right??  Can you imagine being with someone and not always wishing they were different?  How deliciously… simple.


If you said “Hey! That’s us!” 3 or more times, it’s looking good.  Anything less, and it’s time to start paying attention to your gut, start making some decisions and stop wasting time.  It’s the one thing you can never get back, so if it’s not working, it’s not working.



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