Damn Google Search


Dear Dharma,

I was using my boyfriend’s computer and found his last serious ex-girlfriend’s name in the Google search bar. We have been together for a year and definitely aren’t seeing other people. Should I bring it up?

Damn Google Search!

Dear Damn,

Technology just offers us so many ways to get into trouble, doesn’t it…

You don’t say much about your relationship except that it’s been a year and it’s exclusive.

In absence of any other information, I’m going with the assumption that things are generally good, and no, you shouldn’t bring it up.

Now, if there’s something to tell you he’s still hung up on her that would be different.  But come on, are you telling me you haven’t tried creeping any of your exes on FB or LinkedIn?  It doesn’t mean you’re still pining for them, it’s just a morbid curiousity most of us have and we have the ability in this day and age to act on it.

Store this information away as a one off and leave it there unless he gives you reason to address it.



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