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Dear Dharma,

Facebook drama again! I don’t know how to handle this one without looking completely immature.

After guy I dated did me wrong, I deleted him from FB and all was good. Now, a year later, I had to interact with him again and it was cordial.  When he sent me a friend request for FB, I didn’t think much about it but now I see his highly annoying girlfriend, the one he hurt me with, post about their oh-so-amazing relationship and their anniversary. Their 1-year anniversary, my 1-year heartbreak 🙁

Why the heck did he add me? Just so I could see these barftastic updates??

I want to delete him, block him, anything just so I don’t have to see this. Would I look immature if I just deleted him again after I just accepted his friend request?



Dear Fbooked,

Honestly, I don’t think he would notice or care all that much if you deleted him from Facebook.  I’m sorry if that sounds chilly, but just doing the math.  He didn’t care that he did you wrong, and he certainly didn’t think twice about exposing you to his oh-so-amazing relationship.

When he added you to FB, I don’t think he was trying to accomplish anything at all – he seems oblivious to the fact he hurt you in the first place, so adding you to his collection of friends was just a glib move with no motive one way or another.

Would you look immature if you deleted him?  Like, immature to him?  I really don’t think so, nor do I think it matters what he thinks about you and your maturity level.  You are under no obligation to stay “friends” with a jerk so if you don’t want to see the constant gushing, you know what to do!


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  • Bye bye to Cyber Jerks says:

    He’ll really never know if you delete him. I’ve deleted people and I never see or hear from them.

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