Father’s Day – Right Around the Corner!


Hello there and happy Sunday to one and all!

Can you believe it’s just one week until Father’s Day?  Amazing how quickly these things sneak up and catch us unprepared!

Good news is you’ve still got one week to get it all figured out and hopefully some of Dharma’s tips will give you a push in the right direction.

  1. Unless you really know your audience, stay away from the clothing department. Say no to tacky ties and novelty socks unless that’s his schtick.  And hey, it might be, nothing wrong with that!
  1. How about a day off? Pack him a delicious lunch and send him off fishing with the guys.  Or let him tinker in the garage with no interruptions if that’s his thing.  Whatever it is that he never has enough time for, let him do it!
  1. Surprise him with tickets to a ballgame, a show or a movie he’s been wanting to see and go with him – even if it’s Die Hard 26.
  1. Even for guys, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. Sporting stores, Home Depot, Canadian Tire… and if none of those fill the bill, you can’t go wrong with an Amazon card… You can get everything under the sun on Amazon!
  1. Plan a fun family outing – a day at the park with the kids and/or some friends, a BBQ at the beach, a trek up the mountain with the dog. Take care of all the details and enjoy the day together!

Hopefully some of these tips will get you thinking about how to show that special guy just how important he is – he’ll appreciate it more than you know…


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