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Dear Dharma,

I am looking for some advice on kind of a modern etiquette problem.  In our neighbourhood, parking is at a premium.  We have seen a change from families in houses to most houses turning into at least partial rentals, with 2 or more families per house.  This means 2 families worth of vehicles per house, in an area designed for single family occupants.

There is a person on our block who consistently parks in a spot that is really too small for his vehicle, and winds up blocking the walkway from my house.  We are in an area without sidewalks so my walkway goes right to the street, and more often than not, straight into the side of his big stupid van.

I have left notes on his window, to no avail, and the one time I tried to talk to him he said, hey it’s a public street, so I could go pound sand.

What can I do?  I am not quite ready to spike his tires but it’s getting close!

Sand Pounder

Dear Sand,

Hmph.  You took away my first two suggestions – leaving a note and speaking directly to the person.  It’s always astonishing to me when you ask someone nicely to do something reasonable, like don’t box me into my house, and they are jerks in response.  How do people even feel good about that??

Anyway, I guess that’s not what we’re here to solve…

Spiking his tires, while definitely fun to think about, is not your best bet.  With a jerk like that, you’re going to find yourself in a full-fledged war that has no positive outcome.

I’m wondering if this something you could address the city or district about.  If having a vehicle parked in a way that makes it difficult to vacate your own premise, you might have a case for them to make that section a no parking zone. How great would THAT be…  Phhht, in your face, jerk!

I guess before we start doing the victory dance, you’ll need to give them a call and find out what information the city or district requires.  Don’t make it about this guy in particular – they won’t want to get involved if they feel it’s personal.  Make it about access and safety – for example, if an emergency vehicle needed to gain access to your home, would they be able to?

If for some reason, this approach yields nothing, then… hmmm… I don’t know what your other options are!  I’m stumped!  Readers, do you have any suggestions?  You’re smart and fair minded people, can you help a Sand Pounder out?



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