29 and Holding


Dear Dharma,

I’m 29 and turning 30 next year and was wondering what I have to look forward to in my 30’s.  I feel sad to be leaving my 20’s…but I know there will be lots of happiness around the corner.

Anything out there I should be looking out for?


Dear 29,

Oh 29, I remember you well…

I love how you are asking this question a year in advance of actually turning 30…and with that, my first piece of advice… For Pete’s sake, do not spend the last year of your 20’s worrying about being 30.  It doesn’t even make sense, right?

However, we’ll tackle it now so you don’t have to ask me this question again in 12 months.

Except… I don’t exactly understand your question.  Anything you should be looking out for?  Like…?

Like wrinkles popping up where they never were before?  Like that weird sound your hip makes when you’ve been sitting too long?

No?  Okay, well maybe those are things we’ll talk about when 39 sends in the same question…

Don’t be sad to leave your 20’s.  Although I’m sure there have been some great times, your 20’s are generally a time of fantastic turmoil.  You’re starting out on your own, you don’t know who the hell you are or where you’re going, you typically don’t have any money and your diet is questionable at best.  The bonus is that you don’t need much sleep, but that trait should be around for the better part of your 30’s, so no worries there.

By the time you’re finishing your 3rd decade on this place called Earth, things should be starting to fall into place.  Like, at least a little bit.

You’re maybe thinking about marriage and kids – at the minimum, you’ll attend a lot of stags and showers.

Travel opportunities start to come up, mainly because your bank account can kind of handle it.

You’ll have experienced enough that you will have lost a little bit of that naivety, but not so much that you won’t still see the wonder around you.

The world just starts to open up in ways you weren’t ready for in your 20’s.  So don’t be sad.  Be excited.  The next decade has no choice but to bring you so many great things – and likely some stumbles as well, but hey, what decade doesn’t, right?

But for now – enjoy being 29 and don’t waste it waiting on the calendar, okay?


29 and holding

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  • 39 says:

    Dharma, does the same advice hold true for 40?

    • Dharma says:

      I think the same frame of mind has to hold true, but some of the particulars would be different… Once you are in your 40’s, things are certainly more established… in your 30’s, you’re still piecing it all together. Also, I think in your 40’s you start to care less about what others think, so that’s something to be grateful for – so much more head space for the things that matter!

      I believe we constantly evolve, which allows each new decade a different texture than the one before. We can choose to see the positive in that, or we can mourn what’s passed us by. Or maybe it’s a bit of both… 🙂

  • 27 says:

    Is there anything I should do in my 20’s that I won’t have the opportunity to do in my 30’s??????

    • Uncle Donald says:

      Lol, I would say if you want to date a 19 year old, do it in your 20’s at the latest, if you are 30 that just seems sad and creepy!

      Other than that, I gotta say age is just a number, as much of a cliche as that is.

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