Casual Friday


Dear Dharma,

I work in office administration for a prominent downtown company.  Recently, to pick up morale, our supervisor has implemented “casual Friday’s”.

I understand his motive, but I can’t help but feel that he should have implemented more regulations to casual Fridays considering the type of work we do.  My colleagues are coming to work half naked!

Since when did casual Fridays include tank tops and flip flops? I’m no prude, but sometimes their clothes barely cover their bodies.

Should I just let this go or step up and say something?

I’ve Seen Things…

Dear Seen Things,

It’s weird, right?  That casual Friday somehow gets misunderstood as “Hanging out at the Beach” Friday…

Yes, I think for you to step up and say something would be a good thing.  I would even take it a step further by offering to write up some guidelines for your boss to distribute to the staff.

Not only are you stepping up and showing initiative, but you are coming in with a solution, which ultimately makes your bosses life that much easier.  Bosses like that.

Finding a template for dress code guidelines will be easy – here’s a quick starting point.  See what I did there?  I made your life easier.  And how much more do you love me?

Exactly.  🙂



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  • Me says:

    OMG, sounds like my old workplace! It got out of hand and we actually had to draft a dress code that was very prescriptive outlining what was acceptable for casual Friday. So sad that adults can’t make that judgment call on their own.

    • Dharma says:

      It’s not uncommon to have a dress code for the office, but yes, you’re right – it’s sad and kind of funny that people lose sight of the fact that they are still in a professional environment, Friday or not…

      Thanks for the comment!

  • […] I am a big advocate for professional appropriateness, if in fact that is a term.  If you work in an office that has a dress code, you need to tow the company line.  If you don’t like those restrictions, perhaps an office is not the best place for you.  Just out a question we received way back on that very topic – Casual Friday. […]

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