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Good morning everyone and Happy Sunday!

Sometimes you stumble on something that tilts the universe just enough to alter your perspective on things and make you view the world just that little bit differently.

It could be a movie (Sliding Doors for me), it could be a book (The Windup Girl), it could just be a random person that enters your life for one minute to say just the right thing that changes the course of your path.

In our house, we call these “Zoo Stick Moments”.  In the real world, they are more commonly referred to as Ah-ha! Moments.

Enter Mark Manson.  Self- claimed author, blogger and entrepreneur.

Someone recently mentioned him in casual conversation and it stuck with me enough to check him out.

What I’ve read so far, I’ve loved.  And if you can handle the f-bomb being dropped every 4 seconds, you might love him too.

This one article – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck – was a Zoo Stick Moment for me (I’ll explain the origin of that some other time!) and has been bumping around in my head since I read it last week.  The concept was buried somewhere in there already, but Mark’s post pulled it closer to the forefront, and now my brain is working to apply it in a more defined sense.

So that’s Dharma’s advice for this beautiful sunny Sunday.  Check out Mark Manson when you have some time… I think you’ll be glad you did.


**this is not a paid endorsement!


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