Baby Needs New Shoes


Dear Dharma,

I’m having a tough time deciding what to get my sister and her husband as a baby gift. They live in a small town about 8 hours out of a large city, without many big stores that sell baby gear.

If I get them something extravagant and they don’t like it, they can’t really return it. I’d like to get them something nice that will also be useful. Perhaps I can still get them a big ticket item and if they don’t like it, I can return it when I get home (I’m going for a visit pretty soon) and then just give them money?

Or maybe bring them something small and take them shopping (or web-shopping) once I’m there?

What do you think?

Thanks a bunch in advance. 🙂

Baby’s Favorite Auntie

Dear Favorite Auntie,

Hey, congratulations on becoming an auntie, especially Baby’s Favorite Aunty!  That’s a pretty distinguished title…

Let’s deploy the KISS concept here, shall we?

Keep It Simple Sweet

Buying and taking, bringing back and returning is not that.

I think it’s a great idea to take a small token gift for when you get there – a cutie pie onesie for the baby and a box of your sister’s favorite tea…

After you’ve been there a day or 2, say something like, “So I didn’t bring you anything major for you and the baby because I wanted to get a sense of what you needed/wanted.  So how about this afternoon while (insert baby’s name) is napping we go online to (insert preferred store) and find us some fun stuff!”

That sounds like a nice afternoon, non?

Have a great trip and enjoy the new addition to your family!



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  • aunty 80 x over says:

    I bought authentic little cowboy boots for $25 at a western shop for a gift. It was super original and everyone else was giving pink and blue and yellow baby blankets. This was a novelty. hey put them on a shelf in the baby’s room and used them as bookends for their kid’s books.

  • Baby's Favourite Auntie says:

    Hi Dharma! I’m back! Thank you so much for the advice on the gift. 🙂 I ended up getting baby boy a moustache soother and one of those insanely popular giraffe squeeze toys as the ‘beginner’ gifts. Now that the little bundle has arrive, Mom has thought up a few things that they all need. She’ll be sending me a wish list shortly and I’ll pick some items and have them shipped over. 🙂
    This worked out satisfying my need to get them something that I’d picked out, and something that they need.
    Thank you so much!

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