Dear Dharma,

I know this might sound a little silly, but I’m really upset by this whole Brad and Angelina thing.  They were my one Hollywood constant and I loved everything about them.  And now allegations of drugs, drinking and abuse?  What is this world coming to???

Why am I so torn up by this?  I mean, it’s not like I know them for real, but it’s hitting me hard.

Hurting in Hollywood

Dear Hollywood,

I’ll admit it was a jaw dropping moment when I first heard the news the other day – like, literally, driving with my mouth hanging open for several minutes.

As the information continues to mount, I feel equally as staggered as you do…

And although I know a number of people who could genuinely care less, I am with you and feeling at a loss with this terrible situation.

So why is that, right?  That’s the question we’re here to answer…

We watch the lives of celebrities play out before us all the time, especially with the explosion of social media in the past number of years.  We’ve been watching Brangelina, and the evolution of their relationship, since the early days of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

People are social animals, hardwired to form groups.  We connect to things in so many different ways, and when we are given story book characters like Brad and Angie – who really seemed to have it all – it’s hard to except when it falls to pieces.

I mean, come on!

Two of the most beautiful and successful people in the world, forming an allegiance and a brand of good will and humanitarianism… throw in 6 kids, and it’s a media maker’s wet dream.

Now with allegations of abuse and addiction, it’s like… whaaaat?   How did we not see this coming?  They seemed so united – so together… Yet something heavy had to have gone down in order for her to administer such a scorched earth tactic.  You don’t come back from that and kiss and make up, now do you…

Hollywood really doesn’t make them like this anymore either, this type of perceived perfection – which adds to the heartbreak.  I don’t think we’ll see another Brange in our lifetime, I really don’t.

We talk like we know them, we feel somehow invested, so when things go like they have, it feels somehow personal and thus we take it as such.

I guess we’ll just have to sit back and see how this plays out – but you’re not alone Hollywood.  Sadly, you’re not alone.




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  • Sad says:

    I confess it had an effect on me and I’m not a groupie or even TV viewer. Nor do I go to the movies. …. But they represented something I hoped had stability. … I was equally disheartened when I heard Liz Gilbert changed teams. She wrote Eat Pray Love and it impacted me all those years back. And now leaves her husband for a girlfriend who’s got a terminal cancer? … I don’t know anymore. It speaks to somuch in our world …. Donald Trump… Life was much simpler when all we knew of were the oddities in our family and immediate neighbourhoods. But now we read it all.

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