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Dear Dharma,

I work in an office supervising a fairly small team. It has been brought to my attention that one of the guys has been looking for a new job. I know I cannot say anything but it bugs me that out of the whole team he is the one always asking for special treatment and has been accommodated by the company above and beyond. And now he is looking for a job???

How can I deal with this mess now? I feel like a sitting duck waiting for him to hand me his resignation while I still have to accommodate his daily demands.


The Boss

Dear Boss,

I’m honestly not sure there is much you can do.  The reason you feel like a sitting duck waiting for him to hand in his resignation is pretty much because you’re a sitting duck waiting for him to hand in his resignation.

Let’s try and put this into perspective.

First of all, people leave jobs.  All the time.  You need to recognize it’s not personal.  Or maybe it is, it doesn’t matter.  People leave jobs.  You presumably left a job to be where you are now, right?  And I’m guessing that one day you’re going to leave this job too, unless you think this is the desk you’re going to retire from.

Secondly, if the guy is that much of a pain in the ass, isn’t this actually a blessing in disguise? You’re so busy being annoyed by the audacity that he would ever want to leave that you can’t see the forest for the trees… he wants to leave!!

Don’t put another minute into feeling slighted by this guy.  Seriously.  Focus on the end result.  If it’s within your job description, start putting together a job posting to fill his position should it become available.  If not, well, sit back and let things happen as they will. Simply choose to put your energy elsewhere.  Things have a way of working out the way they should in situations like this.

In regards to his “daily demands”, without knowing what they are, I would say accommodate the things that fall on the normal side of life and stall on the things that don’t.  In a nutshell, just let time take care of this problem for you…



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