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Dear Dharma,

I did it! I finally made the biggest leap of my life and started my own business making jewelry.

But I need your help! I’ve been making jewelry for years, it’s my passion and I love it. My friends and family were always very supportive before and part of my inspiration taking this risk was that they have always told me how great it is.

I never thought they were the type to blow smoke, but now that I’ve struck out on my own they have really dropped the ball with their enthusiasm.

So far the business is doing well which is a triumph in itself isn’t it?  Please give me some advice to get them on-board!

Needing a Cheerleader

Dear Cheerleader,

First of all, congratulations on starting your own business!  You’re right, that’s a very big leap that takes lots of courage and planning.

It’s great when friends and family support what it is you are doing, but you can’t let that be the determining factor of your success.  Your belief in yourself is greater than the sum total of all of their enthusiasm – and if it isn’t, it needs to be!

Sometimes it’s easier for people to be supportive when it’s a “hobby”, but then it seems natural skepticism kicks in when they see you doing it “for real”.

Never mind them.  You say your business is doing well, so let that be what motivates you each and every day.  The fact that you are doing well means someone is supporting you, so does it need to be your friends?

Find a way to be your own cheerleader and keep moving forward.

Good luck!



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