The Cast of Glee


Dear Dharma,

First let me say that my wife is a big reader of your pages.  I look once in a while but she gets every notice and reads all the time, so I know she will see this.

I enjoy music as much as the next person and we have both tried to encourage our children to appreciate the fine arts. This includes music lessons (piano and guitar) and we all sing along when a good song comes on the car radio.

Lately though, this lovely family habit has taken a disturbing (to me) turn.  Often during meal times now, one of the kids or my wife will mention a song, and suddenly they are all belting out show tunes or TV theme songs or the latest top 40 hits.  I found it amusing for a while, but now it is making me dread dinner.

Mentioning to my wife that maybe after dinner is a better time for these impromptu concerts had her rolling her eyes and telling me to not be such a stick in the mud.

Am I wrong for wanting mealtime to be for eating and conversation?

Not a Hater

Dear Hater,

Your wife is so going to give you the look when you walk through the door tonight.  And then she’s going to say, “I told you so!”

Having a dinner table filled with happiness, laughter and song is something you dread?  Good thing you’re not a hater, then… Because honestly, picking your battles is key here, and I wonder what it is you win should you make this your hill to die on.

The thought of stifling their happy little voices makes me sad.  🙁

However, I will give you something here as well, so that your wife doesn’t gloat too much…  Perhaps this can be turned into an opportunity for your kids to learn a lesson in time and place?

While Dharma finds your Sound of Music dinner show a delightful concept (please please invite me over some night!), other people may not.  So teaching them that singing occasionally at the family table is alright, it probably isn’t appropriate in restaurants or other people’s homes.

Is that enough middle ground for you?  Because banning the cast of Glee from your dinner table is just going to make you the bad guy, and for not much reason.  I’m not saying you should have to wear earplugs and grit your teeth every time the dinner bell rings – after all it is your home too… Arrgh!  I just wish I understood better why this bothers you so much!

Anyway, I’m going to stick with pick your battles and please know that a happy, singing family is so much better than the flip side.



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  • Anonymous says:

    If this is done at your dinner table in your home I think it is soooo cool. I’m firstly impressed that the family eats together and obviously enjoys the singing….the day will come along that trying to get everyone together to eat will be almost impossible…..let it go….enjoy the time with family and know that you are making memories for your kids that will last a lifetime……

  • Dharma says:

    Totally agree with everything you’ve said! In Dharma’s perfect world, everyone knows all the words and all the dance moves at all times, ready to burst into action…

    Thanks for the comment!

  • J. Andrews says:

    THE HILLS ARE ALIVE…sorry. I think it’s an awesome idea and I too would LOVE to come for dinner as well! I wish I could do that every night at dinner ?

    Anywho, I could also understand how it could drive you crazy if you’re not into it…kinda like someone talking about football to me. How about a compromise and you only do it on Fridays! And since it’s once a week, you have plenty of time to prepare and partake ? Who knows, maybe you’ll like it?

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