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Dear Dharma,

I’m newly pregnant and my boss is pressuring to give him the dates I intend to take my maternity leave – but I have no idea how I’m going to feel by that point in time.

What are my rights in the BC workplace?

New Mama

Dear Mama,

First of all, congratulations!  That’s very exciting news.  Dharma would love first rights to the baby pictures…  🙂

As usual, Google is Dharma’s BFF, so I’ve attached some information regarding maternity leave for you to take a look at. I’m sure your work place has access to Google as well, so this is information that your boss should be privy to as well.

So that was an easy answer, right?

Now here’s my question…

Dharma’s no rocket scientist, but I’m just thinking… if you are “newly pregnant”, isn’t the math relatively easy?  I mean, here we are in October 2016, sooooo… my guess would be May sometime, right? I guess what I don’t get is does it matter today whether you are off on April 20 or May 1 or May 12 of 2017?  I’m sure if Dharma can break it down like this that they should be able to get to the general gist of it as well…

I understand that overall the need to know for staffing purposes, but it’s not like they are going to start hiring for your replacement 6 months out, so why the pressure now?

Not sure what your relationship is like with your boss, but my advice would be to figure out your rough date and then communicate that with them to put the situation at ease.  Leave the timing open to further discussion a bit closer to the date when you have a better idea of how you will be feeling 5 – 6 months from now.

If they continue to badger you, a firmer conversation will be in order.  From the documentation above, it looks like you only need to give them 10 weeks’ notice of your leave (remember – Dharma, NOT A LAWYER, so don’t sue me if I’ve misunderstood the information in any way!!), so you can tell them to stuff it until then.

If any of Dharma’s readers have anything they can share on this, it would be appreciated!

Good luck with it all, and once again – congratulations!


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