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Hello everyone – just a few more days until Dharma is back into the swing of things!  Until then, here’s another Best Of…

Dear Dharma,

Help!! My co-worker is extremely religious and keeps bringing me Bibles and trying to convince me to join his church. Apparently he does not approve of my lifestyle because I am the only person in the office who gets singled out for this special treatment. I have told him politely (and then not-so-politely) that I am not interested in salvation.

My co-workers find it highly amusing, but I am getting annoyed as I have to work with him quite often. Short of coming to work wearing horns and a forked tail how can I get him off my case so that I can continue with my sinful lifestyle?

Devil in the Blue Dress

Dear Devil,

Funny – as soon as I started reading your letter, Blasphemous Rumours by Depeche Mode fired up on the radio.  Chills, right?

Funnier yet is the vision of you showing up at work decked out in horns and a tail.  Probably wouldn’t score any points with HR, but funny nonetheless.

Okay, you’ve tried polite and you’ve tried direct.  What do we have left?  Do you have an HR department you could go to?  If so, that’s where I would start.  When you ask someone to stop bothering you and they disregard you completely, you definitely have a case.  If you don’t have an HR department, whoever hired you would be the next best thing.

In tandem with escalating this situation to the higher powers, you need to come up with a stock response that you repeat as needed.  Something like, “I’ve asked you politely to stop discussing this with me, so please respect my request.”  And then walk away, regardless of where you are, or what you are doing.

If having to walk away on a regular basis starts to impede on the quality of your work, there’s another reason to take matters to HR or your boss.  When your productivity suffers, so does theirs, which might help motivate them to get involved.

Hopefully something works for you – drop us a line and let us know if you make any progress!



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