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Dear Dharma,

I went to go see a psychic and she told me that I should take a spiritual journey so I’ve booked my ticket to India next month on a yoga retreat that I’ve been planning on doing for years!

I’m so excited, but was wondering if you had any advice about going on such a journey.  I’m going alone and can speak enough of the native tongue there to get by…  I feel like you’re well-traveled – would you have any general tips for me and anyone else travelling the world alone?

Also, do you believe in psychics?  What’s your take of their existence in this mysterious universe of ours?  Have you ever seen one yourself?

Thank you!

Space Cadet

P.S. I love your column!!! Please don’t ever stop writing!

Dear Space Cadet,

Thank you for the kind words – and as long as there are questions for Dharma to answer, Dharma will keep on keeping on!

Congratulations – that’s a very big and exciting decision you’ve made.

My first thought is not about any particular questions you’ve asked.  Don’t worry, we’ll get to those, but my first impression is this – don’t go into this experience expecting there to be any big uh-huh! moment.  Instead, look for this to be a series of small revelations that might not even show themselves until long after this specific journey is over.

Does that make sense?  I just worry when anyone does something like this that they expect there to be a major breakthrough that changes their lives forever more.  Relish in the minutia instead and you won’t be disappointed.

General tips for someone travelling the world alone?  Do your research.  No excuse not to in this day and age, so get familiar with where you are going and the customs of that specific area.  Use common sense and listen to your instincts.  If something feels off, walk away.  Conversely, if an opportunity comes your way that you weren’t expecting, be open to it.  And understand the currency.  You don’t want to be stuck holding a $30 bottle of water, right?

Does Dharma believe in psychics?

You betcha.  And oh yes, I’ve seen more than my fair share over the years.  Most experiences have been enlightening, and only a few that were disappointing.

My take of their existence in this mysterious universe of ours?  That one is harder to answer.  I believe people can have a highly tuned sense of intuition and be ultra-sensitive to the energy of others.  I believe this is a gift that can be used to give guidance and advice and help people find their way.  If nothing else, seeing a psychic almost always gives you something to think about afterwards.

And mainly I believe in… belief.  If it’s true for you, then it’s true.  You’ll apply meaning to their words that’s appropriate and fitting to your particular life situation and work it accordingly.

Good luck on the spiritual journey you are about to embark on.  I think you are very brave.



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