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This one barely needs an intro.  It’s so great, it just stands alone.  (Note, I am reposting this to see if the email notificaton is fixed! Sorry for the extra duplication!)


Dear Dharma,

Here’s the deal, my girlfriend gives me Arby’s coupons after sex. Is this normal?

I haven’t been with a whole lot of women, and before the current GF I always had trouble climaxing. I’m pretty sure it was mostly my nervousness, but also compared to my current partner they were not in the best physical shape – the last one would basically just lay there.

New girl is very active during sex. Also she has her tubes tied so I don’t have to use protection, which means I am getting a lot more stimulation than I’m used to and it’s hard for me to last longer than a minute or two.

So I’ve been trying different things to make myself last longer, and they seem to be working. That’s when she started to give me the coupons.  I mean, Arby’s is OK, but I would prefer Taco Bell. At least it’s not McDonalds…

Fast Food Frenzy

Dear Fast Food,

I must say, this might be my favourite question of 2016!  And I’m not sure what to address first…

Is this normal, you ask?  Well, who’s to say what’s “normal”, right?  If you had asked if this is common, I might venture as far to say no, but maybe some of Dharma’s readers would say hell yeah, this happens all the time!  Feel free to comment…

Whether or not it’s normal doesn’t really matter as long as it is working for the both of you.  And it sounds like the system is a go, but you would prefer a different… reward, as it were.  So maybe mention a monster craving for Taco Bell the next time you are feeling hungry?  Along with a wink and a sassy grin, you might just get the point across.

I appreciate that you are trying to find ways to improve upon your… longevity… as I’m sure does your girlfriend.  My only concern is that I don’t get a sense of how serious or long term of a relationship this is, and using protection is not only to prevent pregnancy.  You call her the “new girl”, which is my only tip that it’s a recent relationship, so please keep in mind that it’s all fun, games and fast food until someone picks up an STD.

Otherwise, keep up the good work and hopefully she catches onto the yo quiero Taco Bell hint… I mean, really, how much Arby’s can a guy eat.


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