A Risk Worth Taking?


Dear Dharma,

There is someone at my job that I like. I have no clue if he feels the same way. We have deep, beyond office stuff conversations and get along great.

How can I test the waters without jeopardizing the work relationship?

Dreaming of an Office Romance

Dear Office Romance,

The thing is you can’t.  To test the waters involves the possibility that you could jeopardize your work relationship, plain and simple.

Without knowing the nature of your work relationship, I can’t tell you if it’s worth the risk or not.

If he’s your boss and the whole thing goes south, then possibly not.  If he’s a guy in a different department of a big company, not as much risk, right?

Office romances always, always, run the risk of turning ugly – or uncomfortable at the bare minimum.  On the same token, I would bet the statistics are high regarding how many people have met their current spouse or partner through their place of employment.

I know I haven’t given you much to work with – your actual question limits my answer.  If you asked me what you should do about this situation, I could have gone deeper, but in just asking how to test the waters without risk, my hands are tied.

If it helps, it sounds like he’s interested, so you’ve got that on your side… Would love to hear what you decide to do with that!



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