Been Caught Stealing


Dear Dharma,

A few months ago I started a new job that I absolutely love.  But I’ve run into a major moral dilemma.

The other day I caught two of the girls I work with stealing money from the petty cash.  I did mention to them that it wasn’t a good idea, but they told me that the company can afford it (because that’s the point right????)

Now I don’t know what to do. If I turn them in I know it’s possible that work will suspect me of being involved, but not saying anything doesn’t feel right either?

An Unlikely Jesse James

Dear Jesse,

I don’t think you run the risk of the company suspecting you of taking money from them…I’m interested to know why you think that!  Especially since you’re the one potentially shining a light on the subject… If you were involved, reporting it would be the last thing you would do!

My concern would be that the two girls who know you know would know you went to management with what you know, you know?

Not saying that should stop you from doing it, it’s just to point out that’s the only risk I can see here.

In all likelihood, these girls will get fired (at least they should!), but if they didn’t, how difficult can they make your life?

If it were me, I would speak to management.

Let us know what you do!




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  • Bonanaza says:

    To me this is simple. If you know this is going on and you don’t report it, its as good as you stealing the money too. Your essentially letting it happen. And the fact that not saying anything about it is on the table makes me question your integrity as an employee. Theft hurts the company which then trickles down to the employees. it’s a lose-lose situation. Grow a set and report them!

  • Anonymous says:

    I completely have to agree with Bonanza. Wow. How could you even entertain not reporting them!!

  • Flabbergasted says:

    Omg report them!! What the hell?!!

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