The Best of Dharma – The Naked Gun – Part IV


Hey – thanks for coming back for another installment of the Naked Gun series… the feedback on this one was plentiful, to say the least…


Well here we are with The Naked Gun – Part IV, brought to us by the following question:

Dear Dharma,

I’m late 20’s and online dating.  Seriously, what is it with guys sending me pics of their dicks??

Not Even Kidding

Dharma reached out to her panel of experts in this arena and there was so much feedback, it had to be broken down in order to make sense of it all.  People were more than eager to share their thoughts on this topic, like they were finally given an opportunity to tell me what they really thought.

The questions that they were responding to are:

Does this really happen?  Do girls like this? Why do you think guys do this?  Do guys think girls like this?  Do girls do this?

Thus far we’ve determined that yes, this happens all the time, and no, not only do girls not like it, they find it offensive and need it to stop.

So… if that’s the general feedback, then why on earth are guys shooting us dick pics on such a regular basis?  Is it because they think girls like this and want it?

Let’s take a look…

“Men think their wiener is god’s gift to all women and seriously assume we are turned on by their loin meat!”

“They want to impress the girl; they are just so desperate for a female to look at their bits, or; they are expecting the girl to reciprocate – or any combination thereof. If you have ever heard the term “f-ckboy” that usually goes hand in hand with the subject of dick pics. And if he’s sending dick pics he is 100% a f-ckboy.”

“I think guys MAY think girls want to see it, and I am sure there are girls who have asked to see as well. I would think the conversation would have to have been going in that general direction for it to happen. But then again some guys are just pigs…”

“They think girls like it. And if they do it enough eventually some girl will be ok and send one back.”

“Generally they are hoping the girl will say nice cock and come over. This never happens.  Or hoping for a pic back. This rarely happens. Not looking for anything relationship wise generally.  Also, the majority of guys have a dick pic in their phone ready to go.”

“Most likely because they think with their dinks 90% of the time.  I think they get a kick out of it.  Maybe they’re looking for a compliment?  Maybe not enough hugs as a child?”

“He wants to sleep with her and sex is the only thing on his mind.  His attempts are vastly misdirected, but the intention is still there and not genuine.”

But wait, there’s more…

“No one wants to date anymore. It’s let’s hang out and watch Netflix and bang. Guys don’t put the effort in anymore so their go-to is a dick pic. Or the odd one puts the effort in and then it’s “Hey, here is what my penis looks like…”  Idiots!”

“I think they’re just trying to show them off, kind of like the same way dogs mount random dogs at the dog park… It’s how they mark their territory but what men don’t realize is that most women don’t really give a $hit.”

“I find lots of men do that $hit because they assume it’s what a woman wants to see. The new era of men has no idea what women want or even how to talk to them so it’s easier to send a dick pic hoping she might be a slut and if they get a negative response that girl becomes a whore or dumb bitch cause they weren’t pathetic enough to whore themselves to some loser via the internet.”

“It’s a numbers game.  If they get one chick who responds and they get laid, then it’s worth offending the other 99.  Totally gross and disrespectful.”

“Dick pics are the lazy man’s way of starting a conversation.  Go right to sex instead of actually having a conversation and getting to know someone and then go from there.  Men see it as a way to fast track their sexual exploits.  Kind of sad if you ask me.”

And more…

“The modern dating scene is more like a meat market than actual dating. And it’s just so easy that people don’t even have to work hard to get the date anymore. So they really have nothing to lose.

You used to have to meet someone, get them to agree to go out with you, have the date go well and then MAYBE there would be some hanky panky at the end of the night.  You wouldn’t flash them at the start of it all or they would have run for the hills.

Now it just seems to go straight to here’s a picture of my junk, wanna screw?”

This one’s interesting…

“I am not surprised by the number of women who have received these pics, I am more surprised by their surprise!  For the record, I have not and can safely say I will not send an uninvited picture, but maybe I can shed a little light on the men who have.

Back in the dark ages (pre cell phones) when I was dating and going to bars and clubs, there was always one guy who would hit on every girl in the place with crude and suggestive pickup lines.  It almost never worked, and when it did, it was always a one night hookup, which is exactly what he was after.  We would laugh at him at his poor success ratio, but his response was always, “Hey it’s just a numbers game.  Of course 99 times I get rejected, but that isn’t my target, it’s the 1 who says “Yeah why not”.  And, because he had no qualms being rejected 99 times in a night, he almost always found his 1%’er.

To me, this new phenomenon is the exact same thing, just teched up for the texting and social media aware crowd. The level of face to face social skills has fallen in the last decade as human interactions have gradually shifted to the digital realm.  For a small percentage of the men on the dating and matchmaking sites (my guess is lower on Christian Mingle, higher on Tinder) it’s still nothing but a numbers game.  If I make my pitch to enough women…  And that is the target for these pics, and sorry to say, all of the offended, mortified, outraged women are just collateral damage.  Bottom line is, ALL guys know this is not a respectful way to approach someone, certainly not someone you are contemplating a relationship with, the guy who does it anyways just doesn’t care.”

And Dharma’s favorites?

“I really don’t think guys care if the girl likes it. They are after one thing and one thing only.”

“Of course we know that most girls don’t like it.  We’re just looking for the one girl who does.”


Guys don’t care if women like getting unsolicited pictures of their dicks jammed in their faces, but they do it anyway?

What… what is going on here?

First of all, this seems to be a self-defeating mission, non?  You’re trying to get laid, so you do something that seems almost guaranteed to get your privates slammed in the door?  Ahh, but let’s reiterate… 99 of women are shutting you down, but as long as you find that one hungry girl, it’s worth it.

Secondly – ummm, is it just me thinking there is an actual problem here, other than just bad manners and poor lighting?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for our final chapter of the Naked Gun – and please, take the opportunity to weigh in with your comments and thoughts.  Whether you agree, disagree or just need to vent, Dharma is here for you.


surprised woman

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