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Well, it’s that time of year where we look back and check out some of the highlights of posts gone by – and The Naked Gun hits up the radar for sure.  A 5 part mini-series that takes a look at the phenomenon of the dick pic and the “psychology” surrounding it.  If you’re new to Dharma and missed out the first time around, here’s an early Christmas present.  If you’re a dedicated reader, hopefully you’ll enjoy it just as much as your first time.  And if you feel the need to forward it to your friends, please do – they need a laugh too, right?

Here we go!

Dear Dharma,

I’m late 20’s and online dating.  Seriously, what is it with guys sending me pics of their dicks??

Not Even Kidding

Dear NEK(id),

Huh.  I wish you had given me a bit more context.  You’ve said you are online dating, so I get that you are not in a steady relationship with any of the guys sending you these pictures, and that this is outside of sexting within an actual relationship.  Making it the difference between solicited and unsolicited, right?

So is it part of their introduction, like “Hey, my name’s Richard, you’re pretty, here’s a dick pic.”  Or is it the follow up to a date, like “Had a magical time tonight, hope to see you again soon… oh, and here’s a picture of my dick…”

Are they at least taking the time to work with lighting and back drops?

As I thought long and hard about your question, the more I realized you aren’t asking me what to do about this, you are asking me why guys do this… and… I really don’t know the answer to this modern day cock-up.

I’m not a millennial, so we didn’t have sexting.  Back in my day, everyone had to draw their own dick pics with charcoal and send them by pigeon.  Because of this, I knew I couldn’t speak to your question with any degree of accuracy, so I started to ask around. I contacted a variety of people – male and female from all walks of life – and sent them a brief series of questions to see if I could come up with something helpful for you.

And Holy Hannah, the answers came pouring in – so much so that I immediately decided to tackle this in a completely different way.  And with that said, welcome to Dharma’s first ever week-long series, her first exposé, so to speak!

Starting tomorrow, we will dive deep into this plethora of information and attempt to unravel the mystery of the 21st century dick pic.  And hang on tight, it’s going to be a rough ride…



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