Driving Distracted


Dear Dharma,

I have a problem…whenever I see people texting while driving I just want to YELL at them!!!

I honest to god want to follow them, park beside them and say, ‘Do you know how many people have DIED from distracted driving?? How many innocent people have been hurt because people like you could not wait to answer a text?!!? If the person needed you so badly, they would have called, you could have used hands free!”

Ok, breathe….I’m sorry, it just makes me so mad.

Sooooo, back on track, would it be ok to stop them and try and get my point across?

So Frustrated

Dear Frustrated,

Huh.  Yeah, I don’t know if I like the visual of you trying to run people down and yelling at them on the street.

While I’m sure everyone will agree that texting while driving is a dangerous activity, and super annoying to see happen on such a regular basis, I think we need to find another approach for you.

How about a couple of taps on your horn until you get their attention and then use the international sign for being on the phone – you know, thumb/pinkie to the ear – and shake your head like, no dude, not cool.

It’s less confrontational and it won’t get you punched in the head, right?

However, if you are in a situation where you actually happen to be heading in the same direction as the distracted driver, and happen to find a parking spot right next to them, I think it’s okay to gently say, “Hey, I noticed you texting while you were driving… you know that’s dangerous, right?” – and leave it at that…

As soon as you start yelling at someone, they stop listening, and no one wins.  Even with a calm approach, they might like what you have to say, but at least they’ll hear you.



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  • eyes on the road says:

    Agreed. A calm approach is best.
    But I’d still love to have a neon sign on the back of my car that lights up when I see someone texting behind me. 😉

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