All Trumped Up


Dear Dharma, 

I know the election results are old news now but I have to voice how annoyed I am with everyone still talking about it. We all know the results are not in ANY way ideal. I am just as frustrated as everyone else about it all…

Yet everywhere I go people are still talking about this and it’s starting to make me a little crazy. How do I change the subject? Is there a nice way to tell people to just shut up about it already?!

Trumped Out

Dear Trumped,

Unfortunately, the election results are anything but old news, especially with Inauguration Day creeping closer and closer (January 20).  Yet I completely understand your desire turn the other way and not look directly at the comb over.

The results are still so nauseating and unbelievable that it’s a hard topic to move away from, but your best approach will be a combination of humour and preparedness.

Next time the conversation goes on too long for your liking, try something like, “I know, right? It’s the worst put together cabinet since my last Ikea fiasco!”… delivered lightly and with a laugh. Then have another topic at the ready for any easy transition into something else.

Should do the trick.  And hey, we’ve only got 4 more years of this, right? Right?



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