Back in the Saddle



Dear Dharma,

After the end of a long term relationship I am now just starting to step into the dating world.

Even though the relationship was only about 5 years, things have definitely changed. Do you have up to date tips and do’s and don’ts?

Getting Out There

Dear Out There,

Congratulations on the courageous first step back into the saddle!  And you’re right, even in just 5 years, the whole landscape has changed, hasn’t it.

The most popular way of dating now, of course, is online.  When you ask if Dharma’s got some tips on this topic, yes, for sure! Dharma wrote a fun article for a great blog by the name of GoDates on  this very thing.  Check out How to Succeed at Online Dating:10 Proven Ways… this is a must read for anyone in the dating world.

It will give you lots of ideas for do’s and don’ts, and it applies whether it’s online dating or otherwise.  I don’t want to simply repeat everything that’s in there, so go!  Go read it now, it’s good stuff!

Beyond what that article covers, the main things I would emphasize are being true to yourself, listening to your intuition and knowing when to cut and run.  Don’t try to talk yourself into anyone, and don’t put all your stock into the “first date”.

Dharma and her readers would love to hear how it goes, so be sure to let us know in the comment section below!



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