Hear No Evil


Dear Dharma,

I am happily married with 3 children, sowed my wild oats when I was young and am contentedly settled into married life.  My best friend married young and is now recently single.  I am all for her having some fun, playing the field and seeing what is out there before she settles down again…BUT – does she need to share so much information with me?!??

I really want to support her and I know she’s excited about her new freedom, but it makes me very uncomfortable hearing about her private conquests. How can I tell her without hurting her feelings?

I Don’t Wanna Hear No Evil

Dear No Evil,

I have a very mature and sophisticated approach as a way to handle this problem.  It’s quite the formal process, so please pay close attention.

The next time she starts with the whole, …”And then he put his…” cut her off by abruptly placing the palms of your hands entirely over both ears and sing the following words at a medium to loud volume… “LALALALA!!!!!”

Got all that?

You may want to practice ahead of time to make sure you’ve got it down.

In handling things this way, you are making light of the situation, making it funny, but at the same time, you are screaming TMI, TMI!!  She should get the hint without her feelings being hurt.

If you make it about you being uncomfortable hearing the sordid details as opposed to her being inappropriate for sharing them, I’ll think you’ll achieve the desired outcome.



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