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Dear Dharma,

Call me old fashioned but I try to help people with things whenever I can – if someone falls, or drops their bags on the street, whatever.  I was having lunch in the mall food court with a friend the other day and a man got up to leave and left some paperwork on the table. I picked it up and ran after him, he was very thankful.

My friend turned to me and told me I should mind my own business and his fault wasn’t my responsibility.  I was so shocked at this that I actually didn’t know what to say.

My question is does the world of 2017 really want this? Is this true, should I be minding my own business?


Okay then Old Fashioned, that’s what I shall call you.

And isn’t that sad?  That it should be considered Old Fashioned to have manners, empathy, a helpful spirit?  What a load of crock.

She’s right, though, your friend.  His carelessness wasn’t your responsibility.

But that’s the difference between a meh person (your friend) and a decent human being (you).

A meh person doesn’t give a crap about much else other than themselves. It’s the “that’s not my job” mentality.  It’s the person who can’t be bothered to reach outside the scope of their teeny tiny little box and be useful to others in any constructive way.  Meh.

A decent human being routinely takes on things that aren’t their “responsibility”, lends a helping hand, makes another person’s day and often gets told “You’re too nice!”

Yup.  Cuz that’s the problem these days.  Too many nice people in the world. Which can easily become your response the next time your friend shares her disdain for humanity with you…

So your question – does the world of 2017 really want to fill itself with meh people?  Well I don’t know if it wants to or not, but should it?

Of course not.  Can you even imagine?

Something your friend should think about before she unknowingly drops a $20 bill, runs out of gas, locks herself out or slips on the ice…

Stay decent, my friend, stay decent.




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  • CG says:

    This is so common these days, even just something as simple as teens sitting in the seniors seats at the front of the bus, and talking and laughing while some old person has to stand.
    There’s a general lack of basic good manners. I have friends with older teens, and they are great, polite, respectful, all around nice. 30 years ago, it wouldn’t be noticeable but now it is so unusual that I always feel like “wow your kids are awesome”.
    I think it boils down to respect, if you raise children with respect, they learn they deserve respect, if they see you treat everyone with respect, they learn that everyone else deserves it too.

    • Dharma says:

      All really great points, and ties into so many other social issues these days. Parents friending their kids instead of parenting, not setting boundaries, no longer leading by example or setting expectations of decent behaviour…

      Thanks for your comment!

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