Valentine’s Day – It’s a Comin’!


Hello and happy Sunday!

Can you believe we’re already coming up to Valentine’s Day?  I guess it’s time to take down the Christmas tree, then…

Anyway, I was reminiscing about some great advice from last year as to how to be a rock star on Valentine’s Day and thought this would be a good one to take a gander at one more time… This kind of advice is timeless! 🙂


Dear Dharma,

I like your page and hope you can help me with some Valentine advice, as  I want to do something nice for my wife, but not the same old same old.  I usually get her roses or chocolates, if I go big it’s a spa certificate, but it feels like I am just ticking the box, and not even thinking.  Which I’m not, it’s like what did I do last year, flowers? Ok, chocolates it is!

I want to do something that lets her know that I DO love her and put some thought into the day, but I guess my mind is in a rut, because I keep coming up with the same stuff, and it seems lame to me.  Lol, I want YOU to do the heavy thinking for me!

So help me make her think I put a lot of thought into it!  Give me some ideas that I can pass off as my own!  Save me Dharma!

Fool in Love

Dear Fool,

I feel like I should put you in touch with the husband from Love is in the Air – I bet he’d have a few suggestions!

Okay, without knowing your wife and what she likes/hates, I’m going to ask you to make a list of every interest she has.  Then I’m going to ask you to think of 3 things that would make her life easier and add those to the list.  I love lists, by the way, so I’m going to drag you down the list making rabbit hole with me.  Because once you start, you’ll see, you will never be the same again.

Where to Start!

Anyway… start with the interests and think about ways you could enhance those.  She likes painting?  Buy her some supplies and give her a gift certificate for an art class of her choice.  She loves wine?  How about a day touring local wineries and a romantic lunch at one of the bistros along the way?

The house is a mess and it’s driving her crazy?  What if you cleaned it from top to bottom as a surprise?  I’ve read articles that say having your husband do the housework is a better treat than all the chocolates in the world.

How about a handmade card promising a weeks’ worth of home cooked meals – that she doesn’t have to cook!!  Throw in washing the dishes, too, and she’s going to think she landed on a rainbow!

If you have kids, how about offering her a girl’s night out – you’ll take care of the kids for the night while she paints the town with her girlfriends, and you’ll step up the next morning if she’s not feeling 100%, complete with breakfast in bed.

Man, you are going to be a rock star if you implement this type of thinking, so hopefully I’ve got you moving on the right track.  And you can take all the credit too… it’ll be our little secret, okay?



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