Valentine’s Replay


Hello and another Happy Sunday to y’all!

With Valentine’s Day just two sleeps away, Dharma thought it would be good to flashback to a Valentine’s problem from days gone by…

Dear Dharma,

So, it’s the night before Valentine’s Day. A co-worker of mine just told me that he’s started dating a friend of ours that I haven’t seen in ages. They’ve invited me out tonight but I can’t help but feel like a third wheel here.

She’s from out of town and he is from here, so their time is precious. I haven’t talked to her about this, but he says that she wants to see me and catch up.

Do I go?

Heart Shaped Third Wheel

Dear Heart Shaped,

Although this question came in after it was directly relevant to the calendar, I thought it still deserved an answer.  I’m thinking this situation could apply to so much more than just Valentine’s Day, non?

Unless you have some reason to think your co-worker friend was not being straight up with you, I really hope you went.  They were under no obligation to spend an evening out with you, and I really have to believe that if they didn’t want to, they wouldn’t have reached out.

Do you think you are projecting your impressions of what Valentine’s Day (Eve) should be onto this couple, along with your thoughts as to how they should spend their time together?  I would like to think they know the time limitations on their relationship and still choose to spend some of it with other people – which actually sounds quite healthy to me!

Second guessing other people’s intentions can take the fun out of everything, and sometimes it’s best to take things at face value and just live in the moment.  Hopefully you seized the opportunity to get together with a friend you hadn’t seen in a long time and enjoyed your night out with them!  Great times with friends make up some of the best memories, right?

Would love to know if you went, so drop us a comment down below and keep us in the loop!



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  • Heart Shaped 3rd Wheel says:

    Hi Dharma! I’m back to say that yes, I did go out with the couple and we had a really good visit. 🙂 Thank you for your answer too. It really made me think about how I view invitations.
    Have a great Valentines day!

  • Dharma says:

    Oh hi there! Thanks so much for the update… Glad to hear that you went and had a good time!

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