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Dear Dharma,

I am a 42 year old married woman with 2 kids, a loving husband, 2 dogs, 3 fish and an easy going wardrobe where everything goes with everything – mostly because 90% of it is black.  I find it easier this way because there is no stress when it comes to deciding does this go with that…

Recently more and more people are commenting on how dark my wardrobe is – but I like it, I’m comfortable and I find it stress free in a stress filled life.

So my question to you is, should I change it?


Color Me Bad

Dear Bad,

Oh my, oh my how I can relate.  And I’m guessing most every woman reading this is nodding along.  And probably a lot of guys too.

Black is versatile and slimming.  And once I’ve said it’s slimming, do we need to take it any further? 🙂

So if you aren’t the one wanting to change and you’re happy with the way things are, who gives a flippity flip about what other people have to say about your clothing decisions!

I’ve been trying to add colour to my wardrobe for years.  And as I look down at my black cardigan, black t-shirt and black shoes I’m thinking I’m doing pretty good!  After all, I’m wearing blue jeans as well, so how much more colour do we need!

If you did decide you wanted to inject a bit more warmth into your attire, here’s a tip that has worked for me with a varying degree of success.

For every 3 new pieces of clothing you purchase, only one of them is allowed to be black, and for every 3 pieces of clothing you eliminate, one of them has to be black.

This has been somewhat achievable for me and at least I feel I’m making an effort.

And of course, there are a million articles out there to help you incorporate colour in crazy fun ways – here’s just one of them to take a peek at… 10 Easy Ways to Incorporate Color into Your Wardrobe

But again, if it ain’t broke, then it don’t need fixing – don’t feel pressure to change anything you don’t want to.

Your Kindred Spirit,



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