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Dear Dharma,

I’ve reached the time in my life where all of my friends are having babies or getting married. I’m very happy for them, but these things usually involve many large gatherings of people, which isn’t in my comfort zone at all.

A close friend of mine is having a shower next week.  I’m quite nervous that I will pull some amazing, baby shower faux-pas and what’s worse, I won’t have any idea I’ve even done it!

Do you have any tips for me on baby shower etiquette? Are there do’s and don’ts to these kinds of things that don’t apply in other social situations because I feel like it’s somehow different than other parties?


Not in My Wheelhouse

Dear Wheelhouse,

My first thought when reading this was what in the world would an amazing baby shower faux-pas even look like?

At first I couldn’t come up with anything, but then as I pondered it, a few scenarios came to mind, leading me to offer these tips…

  • Don’t get drunk. It’s not that kind of party.  Haha, though the thought of someone face down in the rubber ducky punch cracks me up…
  • Dress appropriately. Again, it’s not that kind of party.  Haha, though the thought of someone dressed for the bar in some tight leopard print outfit makes me laugh…
  • No comments about being huge as a house to the guest of honour. Haha, though the looks on everyone’s face would be good, right?
  • Less is more. Even though you might be nervous and want to fit in, if you don’t know what to say on any particular topic, it’s okay to keep quiet and exercise being a good listener instead.  Haha, though going off aimlessly and endlessly about irrelevant and inappropriate material could be fun to watch…

It’s okay to be uncomfortable in large gatherings, it’s really quite common.  Some other things that can make things more pleasant are having a few go-to topics on hand, being gracious to the hostess and offering to help clean up at the end.

No one’s looking for you to steal the show – that position is already spoken for – so try to relax and enjoy the moment!



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