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Hello and happy Sunday y’all!

Dharma won’t be making a fresh statement when she says life is busy, busy business.  Everyone’s going a million miles an hour with 26 hours’ worth of stuff to do in the measly 24 we’re given.

Is there anything, anything at all we can do to make things a bit simpler, just a tad easier?

Well, actually, yes, there is.

Dharma is part of a Book Club that recently read The Happiness Project and there were so many great ideas in this great book that it would be hard to pick just three things to try and implement…

But never one to shy away from a challenge, Dharma has done just that and thought she would share these few things that have made a big difference in her life.

Clear the Clutter

When everything is in disarray and junk has taken over, it’s time to fight back and clear that clutter.

It may seem like a big project at first, but once you start you’ll have a hard time stopping.  And once you’ve finished, you won’t believe what a difference it makes to your peace of mind to have less things in your house.

There’s something to be said for “want what you have”… so if you no longer get use out of any one item, it’s time to move it out.

Develop Simple Systems

Dharma is famous for not being able to find her glasses… it’s so hard to see where they’ve gotten to if they’re not on your face, right?

So the simple system?  Have a dedicated place to put them.  Each and every time.

This can apply to your keys, your wallet, your whatever it is you are always misplacing.

The amount of time you’ll save searching around your house on a regular basis will make it well worth developing this simple system.

One Minute Miracle

Simply put, if it takes less than one minute to get it done, just do it.  Do it now.  Don’t procrastinate.  Even the busiest of people have one minute here and one minute there.

The difference this simple little trick will make to your productivity at the end of the day is impressive.


So there you have it – Dharma’s advice for this lovely Sunday to help make your life more manageable!  Enjoy… Oh, and check out The Happiness Project if you get the chance.



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