Baby Lou Who



Dear Dharma,

Since having a little one I’ve received countless boxes of hand-me-downs from basically everyone I’ve ever known who has had a baby.

While this is very kind, space in our very humble abode is at a premium, which is why I’ve tried telling people that I truly don’t need anything. How do I tell them I don’t want anything without offending them?

So Much Stuff!

Dear Stuff,

Congratulations on your newest addition!

You are having a bit of a delightful dilemma here, non?  Too many kind hearted people wanting to shower you with items, all while cleaning out their own closets.

You have a couple of options here.  One requires a bit of emotional grit (because it can be hard to say no!).  The other requires a bit of leg work (as in, a trip to the Sally Ann).

Your Options

The first option will work best if you are given the opportunity to decline in advance.

If a friend or family member is coming by to visit and say that they have a few bags to bring over for the newbie, you can very politely say, “Oh, that is so kind of you, but right now we are completely overwhelmed with so many things.  If there is anyone else that could better use your help, I think I would rather see you do that…”

The second option is actually a combination of strategies, should you find yourself in a position where people just show up with things.

I would still tell them that you have more clothes than the little one could ever wear and would hate to see their generousity go to waste, but you may find they don’t really hear you properly.

If that becomes the case, you need to know that whatever you decide to do with a gift once it is in your possession is your own business.

Feel free to re-gift it or donate it, but only after you’ve clarified that they won’t be wanting their things back after you are done with them.  Because that would just be awkward…!

A simple “Will there be any of these outfits you would like back after baby Lou Who is done with them?” should do the trick.



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