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Dear Dharma,

Drinking wine seems to be a trend these days.  From ‘wine moms’ to bottle size gag glasses, to sitcoms based on alcoholic moms…it seems to be the norm to over indulge.

Now I’m starting to worry that my drinking is getting out of control.  I have a stressful job, raise two kids and plan a household… I used to deal with the stress by taking yoga, or going for a walk, but now it seems I can’t wait to get off work, go home and relax with a glass of wine.  Let the kids fend for themselves!

Full disclosure, sometimes it is a bottle.

Do you think I have a drinking problem? Should I be worried?

Blurry Eyed

Dear Blurry,

You are completely right – the way alcohol consumption is portrayed in the media makes it seem if you aren’t drinking a bottle a day then you’re simply not cool.  There are quite a few articles on the subject, this just being one of them.

The good thing here is that you recognize a shift in your behavioural patterns and are questioning them.

It’s not up to Dharma to determine whether or not you have a drinking problem, but I think it’s fair to say that a bottle a day is a lot. When you couple that with an attitude of “let the kids fend for themselves”, I think you are opening yourself up to a world of potential problems.

First off, your kids deserve a mom who is present and involved.  I’d imagine a bottle in, your engagement level is pretty low, non?  Not to mention the example you are setting on how to cope in a stressful world.

The way you used to deal with stress sounds like positive strategies that you may want to reincorporate.  Yoga, walking – all good things.  Yet you strayed from those – maybe because they weren’t working for you anymore?

If you make a real effort to change your new habit yet find you are struggling, may I suggest a visit to the doctor?  Telling your GP what’s going on and your concerns would be a really productive measure.

Again, the fact that you recognize you are teetering on a dangerous cliff is encouraging, and I would really hate for you to fall the wrong way on this.  Take whatever steps you need in order to get this under control.

Your kids need you.



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