Mrs. Robinson?



Dear Dharma,

Can you please help me…I’m a career woman, have a business degree, run my own company, independent etc., and have always focused more on success rather than love.

I am trying to slow down, stop and smell the roses so to speak, and am focusing more on my personal life these days.  I have started dating a considerably younger man (um, 18 years younger) and we get along great!

The problem is my friends are giving me a lot of grief.  Why can’t they just be happy for me? If I was a man, they’d be high fiving me!

How do I deal with all the ‘Mrs Robinson’ like comments?

Mrs. Robinson

And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson!

Good that you’ve recognized that a little balance is required in life to make it all worthwhile.

And you are totally right – high fives all around if the situation were reversed.  More so, don’t you think your new guy is currently getting those exact high fives in this situation?  He totally is.

The woman always get the gears, whether she’s older, younger, taller, richer…  Phht.  Whatever.

You just need a mantra to toss back every time you get grief thrown your way.

You could go the sassy and cheeky way if you get the old, worn out boy toy comments – “Yes! I’ve always been meaning to get me one, and it’s fabulous!”

Or you could go direct and simply ask what exactly they see as the problem, and then thank them for their concern once they’ve told you.  Assure them you’ve considered all the possibilities (whether you have or not) and for the time being, things are working out just fine.

As the relationship grows, if that’s the direction you are taking things, they’ll back off in time, so just stick to your mantras and enjoy this new stage of your life!



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