The Denver Omelette



Dear Dharma,

I’m a long time reader of yours and just love your column. 🙂

My quandary is this – I just got back from a great trip to Denver. It was amazing, and what’s more, I met someone!

I met him about half way through my one week trip, and we really hit it off! If we had met here in my hometown we would be dating for sure.

The problem is the distance. Dharma, should I pursue this? He lives so far away, but I know that even though we spent so little time together, I really like him.

Thanks a ton!
Long Distance Soul Searcher

Dear Soul Searcher,

Thanks so much for the kind words – Dharma loves knowing you love her! 🙂

Denver!  I’m guessing that’s where the famous omelette comes from… and hey, did you know that a Denver sandwich is simply the omelette jammed between two pieces of bread?

I did not know that.


Distance can be a problem for sure, especially at the beginning of a relationship when you feel all butterflies and woozy, and are completely certain he’s the one.

Except you don’t know him at all, you spent a couple of days together.  Don’t be tricked into thinking  you know enough to plan the rest of your lives together at this point, right?

That’s not to say this is off the table – Dharma has a way more adventurous spirit than that, you must know!  It’s just to say it won’t be easy.  But so what…

There are so many ways to be connected these days, especially via that little handheld computer we are all so attached to… but don’t let that replace good old fashioned phone calls in absence of physically being together.  You learn way more from talking to someone rather than reading between the lines of texting.

Don’t quit your day job and move, and don’t let high hopes take over good judgment.

Give this some time to develop organically and see if you still feel the same way in a couple of months.  You’ll have a much better sense of what comes next at that time.

Good luck!

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  • eamarconi says:

    totally on the mark — as much as i prefer texting over phone calls, in this case it is a must — can’t tell you how many times i’ve misread or mislead someone via texting. and oh btw — i love the omelette sandwich ; )

  • Julie says:

    Great advice! I think if one doesn’t carefully check their head in such situations, distance can make the heart grow fonder purely as a result of fantasy. The imagination fills in the gaps for better or worse. So important to work hard to keep one’s feet grounded in reality. It could turn into something, but good to not get carried away.

    …especially by romantic stories about rare situations in which someone met their life parther via long distance. The key word there is rare. Eyes on the road and the road signs, not on the clouds.

    • Dharma says:

      It’s so true that when distance is involved – so easy to romanticize the situation and turn it into something it really isn’t. Thanks for your thoughts, Julie!

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